Ride Start Times

Ride: Lucky 20 Ride

Date: Sunday 30th September 2018

Location: Fire Route 210, Kings Forest, North Stow (off the B1106 Bury to Brandon Road)

Due to course changes and uncertain route, maps will hopefully follow soon. There are no set start times as there are only 20 of you , so start times are between 10 and 11. Please remember NO entries on the day.


Please take a moment to read our Ride Rules before attending the ride.

Mary Mason
Tracey Lee &.daughter
Angie Raven
Julia Shawe Taylor
Sarah Bird
Jane Herbert
Catherine Reynolds
Jan Harber
Jane van Lennup
Alison Coote
Hilary Carr
Pauline Cushing
Emily Butters
Kate Bunton
Fiona Wallace
Jackie Foulds
Mel Boggia
Eden Cox
Gemma Newton